Every morning, I have a morning ritual I follow.

I meditate for at least 10 minutes to set my intentions for the day then 30 minutes of walking. Then hop into the shower, write in my journal before I even check my cellphone or open my laptop to start my day.

Like everyone else in the world, there are days that it’s a struggle for me. But I know if I don’t do these things, my day doesn’t feel exactly right.

It took me some time to build these as habits so what made it stick?

I made things easy by being prepared with the correct tools.

In the morning, I already have a pre-saved library of my guided meditation in my meditation app. All I need to do is select one and off to zen I go! My work out clothes are all laid out including the socks and my rubber shoes. My cellphone is filled with podcast episodes ready to listen while I walk. Press play and walk. Morning ritual, done! No struggle. No fuss.

Will power and motivation can only carry you so far.

You have goals in life. I know you want to attain those goals: publish a book, get amazing book sales, have devoted fans and maybe, even get on a best seller list.

To get results, you need to act. If it’s a struggle to take action, how can you get the results that you want?

Make it easy for you.

Invest and have the right tools.

Struggling to find the time to write? Pencil in a time everyday even for just 15 minutes. Create a writing corner with your laptop or pen and paper all ready accessible on your table. Have a kettle ready with your drink of choice. Dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker. Have them all nearby.

Don’t know what to put in your social media? Create an excel sheet. Fill it up with ideas. Gather images. Make templates for your social media. Use scheduling planner apps like Planoly, Hootsuite or Facebook post scheduler. Create, schedule and leave it. Easy, right?

Will power and motivation starts your habits. Making it easy with the right tools solidifies the habit and produces results.

Who needs will power? You just need the right tools.