This was where the story began….


Jannie was born and raised in the Philippines. Since she was young and kept mostly indoors, she developed the love for faraway places through stories found in a book. Her first book was a Harlequin Romance since her mother was an avid romance reader. On top of that, her summers were spent writing fanfiction. In college, she was part of the school literary folio, Malate. Her current writings have been featured in Tumblr.

From there, she had a whirlwind of a romance through the digital world of MIRC, dabbled in a long distance relationship for five years and eventually migrated to the US to be with her love. Alas, love can be cruel and while things did not turn out as a happily ever, she still believes that love exists in all different forms. That includes her love for writing and reading fanfiction, Arashi, travel, Japanese language, and culture. She now devotes herself supporting authors as they work to get to their happy ever after.