Authors,how ready are you for your next book launch?


Do your book launch on repeat without missing steps even if your book launch is next month, next week or tomorrow!


Book launches can be the most exciting and/or stressful thing when you send your book out into the world. This process starts even before you hit that publish button. 


Your book launch is a party.

And when you want to host an amazing one, you need to plan.


That starts with a checklist.


The Book Launch on Repeat is your Ultimate Guide to having fun-on-repeat book launches.


3 stages that you need to prepare for:

– before

– during

– after your book launch


Checklist of tasks for what you need to do:

– newsletter

– reviews

– promotions

– social media


It’s a comprehensive list that you can use over and over – whether you decide to launch in 3 months, a month or even a week before!


No more guesswork, no more missing a thing. 


Most important of all, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your writing labor – getting eyes to your book and have fun doing it!


Are you ready to have a blast for your book launch?

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